Master Key System Week 2

The Master Key System Works if you work with the Master Key System. It may seem like a play on words…it is and it isn’t.

Most people are drawn to the quick fixes like the bullet points you see in the sales material of most courses that tell you what “you get” if you only act now. Most people are looking for the secret…I know I sure was…I spent years looking for it.

I had this feeling that I wasn’t enough, that feeling deep inside that I was broken and that I needed to be fixed. And the fix was outside of me. I also had this other insight that I described as; feeling like I was in a bird cage and I was surround 360° and every where I looked,  I looked out from within the cage which was symbolic of my beliefs. These beliefs caused me to seek for the secret and these same beliefs then stopped me from taking the actions to make the changes I wanted to have so I could feel like I was now enough…however the vicious cycle continued seek and stop short of getting what I was seeking. It seems like trite definition of insanity: doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result was the prefect description of what I was doing.

Here is where the Master Key Master Mind Alliance is different; it starts with the foundation that you are enough which is an amazing breath of air. What a great foundation to build on. The quest or journey in life is to get rid of the layers of mistruths that have been layered upon layer which had hide the truth that I have always been enough…just as God created me. On this new foundation the work or discipline is doing the daily actions that are designed to change my old blueprint or in other words my beliefs to be more empowering. As the blueprint changes, so do my actions which moves me effortless in the direction of my hearts desire.

Well all of this is incredible and true, but here is the rub…although the 1 ½ weeks of taking daily actions to create a new blueprint have been fascinating…. I have had my old blueprint for over 40 years and it is doing what it does to try to stop my progress. The old blueprint of “not having enough time” has been working overtime to make sure I feel like I don’t have time. In fact, the old print was so determined to stop me that it made sure I left my materials at work so I could not do the work of taking some remining daily actions…I find this very interesting. I mentioned to a friend of mine that my old blueprint was screaming at me and my friend who is in the course replied that she tried to shut her’s up with cookies. I laughed an out loud belly laugh and I have chuckled several times today when I thought of her reply.

I will continue to be an observer and move forward doing the work by taking the daily actions…and here is why, I believe I have discovered the process of real and lasting change. And most importantly, I promised myself that I will complete this course and I always keep my promise.

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Master Key System Week 1

I am thrilled that I was awarded a scholarship in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. I have been looking forward to being a participant in the MKMMA for nearly 6 months.

This course is unlike any of the 100’s of books that I have read or the multiple seminars and workshops that I have attended or the coaches that I have worked with over the last 3 decades of my life. It is an action course that I am certain will be intense enough that it will burn away the illusions that kept me from seeing the truth that will set me free. It is one thing to understand key principles intellectually, but it is the mastering of principles that causes one’s life to be transformed.

There is tremendous synergy being created by the skillful direction of Mark and Davane Januszewski weaving the classic writings of The Master Key System, The Greatest Salesman in the World and Think and Grow Rich within a harmonious mastermind alliance of people who are committed to completing daily and weekly tasks. All of these parts serve to help me design a powerful new blueprint that I am impressing into my subconscious.

Do not be fooled as I have with quick fixes and simple multi step formulas to instant success and fame…these are just shiny objects being peddled by faux gurus that distract us for doing the really work that brings about change. Og Mandino writes, In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.”

So the real work is not trying to break or stop a habit…the real work is being disciplined to do the daily tasks to create good habits that become automatic to move us effortlessly in the direction of our deepest desire.

So as my first week draws to an end, I stand strong on my commitment and I will remain engaged, disciplined and focused on doing the daily tasks in spite of to pull by my current habits… because I am confident that I am on the right path with the right light illuminating my steps.

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